Rowallane Community Hub Ltd (RCH) was formed in 2011 to take advantage of the farmyard unearthed behind the derelict listed building at 35 Main Street, Saintfield. RCH undertook the substantial project of developing two derelict barns and a yard to create a modern, accessible, multi-use space available to all members of the Saintfield and neighbouring communities. Development works have included the creation of a community hall and community allotments.

RCH has an open-door policy, with a safe and welcoming environment, to all in the local community who may benefit from the facilities and services offered. RCH are already contributing positively to the physical infrastructure in Saintfield, providing a space which is seen as a best practice example of community regeneration and development.

Rowallane Community Hub Ltd. is a Company Limited by Guarantee and approved by HMRC as a charity, with a vision to become a sustainable social enterprise which positively contributes to the community in terms of job creation, eco-education and shared community space provision.