NI Big Sock – Guinness World Record Attempt!

NI Big Sock - Guinness World Record Attempt!

Currently the largest Christmas stocking recorded by Guinness World Records measures 51 m 35 cm long by 21 m 63 cm wide (from heel to toe) which was set in 2011 in Italy. As a way of reclaiming a creative sewing reputation for Northern Ireland we need to surpass this by creating a huge stocking using 3” hexagons. Achieving this record by December 2016 will mean that NI has made a mark on the world stage on its journey to become creative capital of Europe by 2030.

We hope to have sewing events at The Hub, so if you are able to cut paper hexagons, cut fabric hexagons or sew some together, watch for further instructions.  If you have any cotton weight fabric scraps that you would like to donate we would love to hear from you.  Let’s put Saintfield on the map and join in this World record attempt!

NI Big Sock hexagons

To complete this challenge the people, voluntary and community groups and businesses of NI are asked to contribute in the following ways:

  • To donate fabric (preferably red and green) either from scraps from sewing projects, sample books or items such as duvet covers, pillow cases, shirts etc that are suitable weight for hand sewing.
  • To donate calendars, old cards, flyers or other stiff paper (90 gms +) that would otherwise go in the recycling bin as this can be used for making paper templates
  • To donate sewing accessories such as needles, scissors and thread for use at public events (to encourage passers-by to make a hexagon to add to the project).
  • To act as collection points (in various places around NI) so as people can leave above donations
  • People to cut out the fabric hexagons – draw around a template and cut out. Templates will be provided
  • People to  hand sew the fabric on to the paper templates – folding and tacking are the only skills required
  • People to hand sew the hexagons together using whip stitch
  • Help in publicising this record breaking effort – producing flyers, taking photographs, articles / features in the media or generating interest via social networks.
  • Invitations to feature the patchwork sections at community events – eg fetes, exhibitions, conferences where people could spend a few minutes cutting out or sewing a hexagon and thus contribute to the project.
  • Workspace to join the various sections together (towards the end of the year)
  • Small hand crafted gifts to put into the completed stocking

Why not get involved in something BIG this year and help NI become a more creative place!

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